About Us

We are an international textile sourcing and marketing organization. We are facilitating international trade of fibers, yarns and other textile products. We work as a partner with all our suppliers and customers just like their internal team.

With our professional approach and team work we ensure that all your international sourcing and marketing goals are accomplished with ease and grace. Ultimately our goal is to contribute to your business by making the right product available at the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

We are committed to a partnership beyond deal making or buying and selling activities. We have structured our team, systems and process to manage all activities pertaining to international buying and selling on your behalf. Our systems are designed to give you detailed information and update on all your orders 24 x 7. Whether you are our customer or supplier, inclusive growth is our mantra. We are extended sourcing and marketing team at your doorstep without any additional cost.

With our specialized team for each product category and with a wide network in more than 50 countries we promise your objective is met with ease and grace. We believe in building long term business relationship beyond just buying and selling activity.

Who we are::

APA Global Tex is your one and only companion which promise you for one stop solution for all your textile needs with a philosophy centered on delivering quality products and best service in the textile industry.

Our export covers supply of various products starting from chips, fibres, yarns and fabrics throughout the chain of qualities like Polyester, Cotton, Acrylic, Viscose, Nylon and blended.

Our company is built around a philosophy where we think we grow when our buyers and suppliers are 100% satisfied.

We are dynamic organization which keeps an eye on market scenario by which we bridges a gap of our buyer and supplier from the most happening trends and every minute details of the market.

What we do::

We deliver value to our customers. Everything we do is aimed towards this goal. We go out of the box to satisfy our customers with our quality & service and we bring all this on one table from any part of the globe.

Enriched by our strong network throughout the globe where we can source any required products for our customers.

We also pave path for our stakeholders to venture in different parts of countries by keeping them updated with every possible details of the market and by doing market research.

Here, we can say that we cater our customers same as their internal team.

What we have::

We have the best professionals of the textile industry backed by the most advanced management system that all brings together an environment which gives an essence of reliability.

Our collaboration with different mills in India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam has always brought a fruitful result for us and our customers.

Our quality standard has always put us on a win-win situation, which has set a high value for us in our customers mind.

Why us::

Our work has now become passion for us, where nobody can beat us in any aspect of business starting from delivering a quality product to maintaining a business relationship.

We work as a partner with all our customers and suppliers just like their internal team.

We take care of shipment of committed quality of goods and timely payment of goods on behalf of both the parties.